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150 Restaurants Are Donating Proceeds to Puerto Rico for World Central Kitchen’s 'World Food Day'

150 Restaurants Are Donating Proceeds to Puerto Rico for World Central Kitchen’s 'World Food Day'

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World Central Kitchen will host its fourth annual World Food Day on October 13, and so far 150 restaurants nationwide have agreed to donate 10 percent of their proceeds to WCK’s Puerto Rico aid and to a new culinary school in Haiti.

The charity, founded by chef José Andrés, typically focuses on smart solutions to hunger and poverty, but this year the nonprofit has goals to fund relief for post-Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico and to fund a culinary school in Haiti (whose 2010 disaster brought about the organization in the first place).

Many restaurant heavyweights are participating in the event. Notable names like San Francisco’s Mission Chinese Food, Chicago’s Girl & The Goat, New York City’s Otto, and LA’s Patina will be donating 10 percent of their proceeds to the charity, as will many others.

To donate to Hurricane Maria survivors and aid efforts, you can check out any of the following:

United for Puerto Rico

Global Giving


Center for Popular Democracy

Hispanic Federation’s “Unidos” Page

All Hands Volunteers


Direct Relief


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